Tuesday, February 21, 2012

On The Rise

The Wicked World Games website is up. In a while our product page will be up and you will be able to get some more information about Cold & Dark. All future blog posts will show up on our new site.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Interstellar Security Agency

The ISA is one of the most feared branches of the GIC by those with some insight. By the general public they’re simply known as the bodyguards of the Senators and the Chairman but there’s a much more sinister side to the agency.

Many of their top agents are expert assassins, torture experts who work above and beyond the law with unlimited resources at their disposal. They are completely committed to the perseverance of the GIC rule. They never question their orders, their masters or even their own actions no matter how atrocious as it is all done for "the greater good." 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Office of Mining and Core Purification (OMCP)

When a possible GIC mining or purification site has been spotted the OMCP send in surveyors and a small crew to evaluate the site. They send back a report to the GIC of estimated costs and projected return of investment. When and if mining or core purification begins the OMCP spearheads the operation. They estimate  needed security and also handle the transportation of the ore, minerals and raw coreanium. To make it short, OMCP is the heart of the GIC mining and planet harvesting operations.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

GIC - Governmental Industrial Complex

Perseverance, Unity, Industry - This is the motto of the GIC. They are the ruling body of the Sirius galaxy. The core systems are shining beacons of civilization and safety. But the independence movement call it a dictatorship. A rule where only the illusion of democracy exists. However, free healthcare, a working welfare system and safety are things that many people find appealing.
In the core system most seem happy but out on the fringe they wonder...what right does one organization have to command a whole galaxy, its resources and the people?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

In Stasis

Everything slows down and basically stops. Cell renewal is even affected, basically grinding to a halt and weeks or even months go by. Scientists can't explain it but you do dream in stasis.

Meet Alice LeDarm, a GIC operative specializing in assassinations. She's been suspended in stasis a couple of weeks on her way to a hit and the onboard computer is about to wake her up. As you can see she's not exactly the soft and cuddly type. As an avid practitioner of martial arts, weightlifting and parkour she's built for precision, strength and speed.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Drop Zone

Ah, another glorious day in the Border Guard. Low survival rate, the pay is a joke but at least you get dental and some rocket packs to play with.

The Border Guard is the cannon-fodder of the Governmental Industrial Complex. They're given basic training and sent into the field. Some get lucky and end up on a rather safe patrol rout while others are very unlucky and get dropped into a veritable meat grinder of violence.

But hey, those rocket packs do look sweet...And did we mention the dental?

Friday, October 7, 2011

Working Hard

We're planning to have the text for the core book proofed and ready sometime in November and at that point some more art should be pouring in. Our proofer and editor has been real busy lately with his studies and daytime job but it seems as his schedule is clearing up.

During the wait I've been able to finish up the text for Mission Control, a thirty page booklet which will be part of the GM-screen package. I've also worked about twenty five pages into Worlds, the book which details all the solar systems and their planets. This book is expected to land somewhere around two hundred pages.

We're also working hard on our pre-release free material. This consists of a twenty eight page full color graphic novel, a ten part video log youtube series and the fifty page quick-start which also contains a ready to play story. As you can imagine, we're quite busy.