Friday, October 7, 2011

Working Hard

We're planning to have the text for the core book proofed and ready sometime in November and at that point some more art should be pouring in. Our proofer and editor has been real busy lately with his studies and daytime job but it seems as his schedule is clearing up.

During the wait I've been able to finish up the text for Mission Control, a thirty page booklet which will be part of the GM-screen package. I've also worked about twenty five pages into Worlds, the book which details all the solar systems and their planets. This book is expected to land somewhere around two hundred pages.

We're also working hard on our pre-release free material. This consists of a twenty eight page full color graphic novel, a ten part video log youtube series and the fifty page quick-start which also contains a ready to play story. As you can imagine, we're quite busy.


TKimWrSvc said...

Read most of the posts here and this looks like a great concept. Looking forward to picking it up once it goes live.

Wicked One said...

Thanks. We hope to get our webpage and forum up in a month or two but in the meanwhile we'll try to keep our posts up to date in the blog.