Monday, May 24, 2010

Some Conceptualization

First I want to get something out of the way. The abbreviation COG (which here stands for Customizable Operations Gear) has nothing to do with Gears of War, nor has it been inspired by the game. It was simply a coincidence. Now, onto the design.
When I sat down with our artist Johan Fredriksson to discuss my vision he was quite happy with me wanting to stay away from bulkiness when it came to the design of the armor. C&D Is played out in a high-tech world some six hundred years from now, but I wanted It to be gritty as well as sleek. So the COG was born.
Players will probably care as much about their COGs as for their avatars (characters).  The nano-integrated suit comes in nine models with approximately fifty applications and two hundred upgrades available. Below you have an example of how an avatar might look and what she might carry while out and about in the big empty.  

I have also been able to continue on the starmap for the Sirius Galaxy, and it's starting to go in the right direction. A big thx goes out to NASA and ESA for providing shots of the NGC 4414 galaxy, from which I used some nebulas for increased density in the new Sirius design.

Friday, May 14, 2010

And the work goes on...

The Cold & Dark project has been under development for nine months total and things are coming together. I finally managed to send the manuscript to proofing, and we have locked down our website at the moment as it is under construction.
I  Recently had  a meeting with our main illustrator and assistant AD, Johan Fredriksson and we got into some very nice designs. We are currently getting deeper into the creature designs, especially the Rippers.  Moray eel, sloths and centipedes has acted as inspiration in order to design the species. Involving the sloth might seem an odd thing to do but Johan found a really cool way to incorporate some of this animal into the design of our nasty predators.  Hopefully I will be able to provide you with some early sketches soon. In the meanwhile you have to settle for another piece of art. It's a wallpaper adaptation of some in-game art.

 GIC scout overlooking  terraforming units in the Tsu-Lang system, planet Helos, located 10,000 ly from the closest core system.