Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Design Underway

Last week I got a lot done. I managed to finish the core design for most of the space ships which are going to be featured in the Cold & Dark core book. There are some details left, like the exact size of some of the classes and the fine polishing of the look. I have been inspired by many sci-fi movies and games while creating the Cold & Dark “armada”.

I’m pretty happy with the combination of “clunkyness” and the organic. The world of insects helped some with the design of this cargo carrier (above).

Others, like this C-class hunter (above), have been modeled after submarines and other ships but with some added box-like features.

This E-class core purifier (above) has a bit of USG Ishimura (Dead Space), Event Horizon and oil tanker in its design.

This deep space B-class survey ship (above) is a favorite among medical technicians, site engineers and mining prospectors due to the fact that it’s the only B-class craft that uses a reactor core, which gives it ghost jump capabilities. However, this is the new generation of ships and it’s extremely expensive. The design has been inspired by the UAC Darkstar (Doom 3) and the USG Kellion (Dead Space).


Anthony said...

Damn. That looks sweet.

Wicked One said...

Thanks, I will detail and further develop concepts from my rough sketches. I’m also in the middle of designing the galaxy in which Cold & Dark takes place.

Anthony said...

Well, it sounds like you're drawing on some fine inspiration. I can't wait to see how this develops.