Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Science Researcher

In the world of C&D there is a great distinction between a scientist and a science researcher. The SR is seldom stationed for long as he is more inclined to find new angels and opportunities to turn into actual science. One can say that they’re the prospectors of the scientific world. They find new scientific materials and research, do the preliminary scientific work and sell the opportunity to their clients.


rumbarumping said...

The artwork is amazing. Few rpg can come up to this level. Who is the artist? Have he done artwork for any other rpgs? Btw how is it going with the game itself. Can you estimate any release date?

Wicked One said...

Johan Fredriksson is a tremendously talented artist and he has managed to create a tactile visual presentation of the game world. You can look through his work at the following page

As for the game itself we hope that it will be released before Christmas. The text has been in proofing for about two weeks now but there are a lot more artwork, editing and layout designs we have to go through before we’re ready. For this project we intend to create a very strong iconography, cohesive game world and back story and we also want the game mechanics to tie into it all. When the main proofing is done we intend to put together the quick-guide which will contain the timeline, quick rules and additional background information. The plan is to include a story with ready to play avatars in order to let gamers get a feel for the world and tone of the Cold & Dark universe. We’re also hard at work with the soundtrack. Both the quick-guide and the musical score will be downloadable as freebies.

rumbarumping said...

J. Fredriksson is a great artist for sure. I especially like "Ships Bio-Garden" for C&D rpg. Hes artwork gives a strong flavor to the game I expect. Looking forward to the quick-guide download. Some questions: Will there be a homepage for the game? Will it be POD or have a publisher? Hardcover/softcover, Color/black ad white? Estimate how many pages?

Wicked One said...

Our main plan is to release it as a pdf and in printed versions. So basically we hope to get it out in the following formats.

Color pdf
Hard- and softcover B&W (POD)
Hardcover full color (POD)

We expect the book to land at 300-400 pages in its finished format, depending on illustration- and text distribution.
The main design for the website is ready, but we’re waiting for proofing and additional material before we get it online. And C&D will of course have its own Facebook page.