Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Sirius Galaxy

It's a vast galaxy and only a few systems have been made official, and even some of these are restricted. The Governmental Industrial Complex like to keep a lid on things. The Sirius galaxy offers a lot of opportunities but it's a perilous place. Months tick away as the crew travels through the ghost lines suspended in stasis. Raiders, rippers and even worse things can be found in the big empty.

The simplest of jobs can turn deadly out in the black. A distress call can take weeks or months to get through which also means it will take even longer for the help to arrive. Most deep space crews are on their own, left to fend for themselves. But that's the life...

Big thanks to the artists who have created the brushes and textures used for this image and thanks to the people behind the websites pulling them all together.  If I've for some reason missed anyone and you see part of your work here please give me a holler.  And of course, thanks to NASA for their public domain images., PowerOfCreativity, MB-ArtisticSet-III, suztv, photoshoptutorials, Rebecca-Parker-Stock, crestfalleen, cvrgrl, webdesignerlab,, texturemate,, Thomas Beal, Hitokiri147, crazykira-resources, DeviantArt

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Suzanne Powell said...

Thanks for the credit. I appreciate your listing my name with some of the other biggies. Very nice image.

How long did that take to create? And what was your process?